• norwaysons-jim-scott-jeff-bob-by-sign-slideshow


    l to r: Jim Boudreault, Service Department; Scott, Jeff & Bob Norway

  • cindy-wedding-slide-show


    Cindy Wedding, Office Manager

  • jeff-norway-slideshow


    Jeff Norway, President & Project Management

  • scott-norway-slideshow


    Scott Norway, Vice President & Estimating & Design/Build

  • bob-norway-slideshow


    Bob Norway, General Manager

  • Charlie-norway-slide-show


    Charlie Norway, CAD Department

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    The Norway & Sons team (l to r): Jay, CAD-PM; Cindy, Office; Scott Norway, VP; Jim, Service; Jeff Norway, P; Bob

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    Jim-Boudreault-and-van-slideshow: Norway & Sons, Inc. service department van

Norway & Sons, Inc.

Specializing in Design-Build Industrial & Commercial
Electrical Installations in Vermont

Norway & Sons, Inc. was founded in 1993 by brothers Scott and Jeff Norway. With the retirement of their father Bob Norway, a successful Electrical Contractor, these second generation Electricians rented a small space at the Wall Street Complex in their hometown of Barre, Vermont. Still located in Barre, now at the other end of Main Street, Norway & Sons, Inc. is a full service electrical contractor, with in-house design build/CAD, serving businesses throughout Vermont.

Their in-house Electrical Design-build and CAD Design capabilities lead to faster, more efficient service,resulting in turn-key commercial and industrial electrical installations. The company also offers high voltage and solar installations. Maintenance is provided by their reliable service division.

Norway & Sons, Inc. Electrical Contractors has many long-term employees that continue the Norway Family philosophy of hard work and quality workmanship for the successful and timely completion of projects.